If you have hit that point where your cardio routine is no longer delivering weight loss results, you are not alone.

It seems that running might not be the best exercise regimen to spur on weight loss.

If you are going to put in the effort to lose weight, you need to rely on an exercise regimen that is designed to work most effectively.

There are a few major reasons why running might not be the route to take when you are looking to lose weight.

Here are the top reasons why running might not be ideal for your weight loss goals.

1. Your Workout Never Changes

The thing about a workout that only includes running is that it becomes stagnant.

This means that it is always the same and you need workouts switch things up to spur on weight loss.

Your body is pretty amazing in design, which means that running workouts will become more effortless over time and will actually burn less calories as a result.

2. You Increase Duration, Not Speed

Most runners look to take their workouts up a notch by running further.

This is a major problem because it adds distance to your run, but it does not pick up the speed. The largest factor to weight loss during your workout is intensity.

It is not the length of your workout, but how hard you are going.

It is very difficult to increase the intensity during a run.

You might be improving your endurance with running, but you are not performing the most efficient workout for significant weight loss.

3. Burning Calories is Your Focal Point Only During Workout

Another area where running lets you down is that it is a workout that focuses primarily on the number of calories burned when running.

This is a major weight loss mistake.

Weight lifting exercises are the ideal workout for weight loss, because they increase the amount of calories that your body burns once the workout is complete.

4. You Stick to Only One Form of Cardio

Most people that have a cardio workout normally pick one type and stick to it.

Instead of just choosing one type of cardio, you can lose more weight by creating workouts that include different forms of cardio at a variety of intensity levels.


5. You Run Too Much

This might not seem possible, but it is one of the biggest reasons why running is not ideal for weight loss.

Running too much can actually stunt your weight loss by sending your body into shock.

Instead, include cardio as a part of a complete fitness routine that is centered around resistance training (weight lifting).