Do People Around You Have Such A Situation? Bruxism!

Do you have this worrying experience?You feel very tired and need to have a good rest but someone besides you has bruxism,maybe you will feel very dysphoric. If they are your families,you can wake them up.But if he’s just your friend or roommate,would you like to turn him into a mute mode?To tell you a truth,it’s not just people who sleep around you ,but you also have the symptoms.It is an illness so that you need to cure as quickly.

Bruxism refers to people waking conscious or unconscious by grinding or clenching of the teeth of each other.Because the dynamic behavior in sleep or often accompanied by “creak” sound grinding teeth,also known “Odontoprisis”,Because it occurred in the night’s sleep,also called Bruxism.

Why are you have Bruxism?Such as pressure,the problem of sleep,abnormal occlusion,the teeth are uneven or missing.And what the problems it will lead to?Maybe there will be a headache,earache or toothache in patients with bruxism when they woke up and damage the temporomandibular joint as well as bruxism or clenching pressure can lead to tooth crack and fracture.In addition to causing discomfort,also wear teeth eventually,and even lead to loose teeth.

If you have this condition,please see a dentist and take a protection as quickly.Don’t hesitate!