The Importance Of Regular Cleaning

Is there a need to cleaning the teeth regularly? I believed a lot of people are very confused.Many people will think their teeth looks very good and they don’t feel any discomfort in their daily life.Believe it or not,that’s the wrong idea! Although we clean our teeth everyday,we just clean the surface and we can’t clean  the gab.So it is important to clean the teeth regularly.

The regular cleaning is just clean the calculus on the teeth of surface and gab.If we don’t clean the teeth regularly, the calculus will hurt your gum and make it swollen and red,and then you will feel uncomfortable,if serious,there will be bleeding.Appear these conditions,maybe you need to do the root planing(Deep Cleaning)Deep cleaning involves the same removal of tartar and plaque at and below the gumline as well as careful cleaning of the roots’ surfaces.o prevent the need for another deep cleaning, follow the basic steps to prevent gum disease: Brush your teeth twice a day with a toothbrush such as the Colgate® 360®and an antimicrobial toothpaste, Colgate® Total® Advanced Deep Clean, which targets many bacteria not just those sitting directly on your teeth, and floss once daily. Also, be sure to eat a balanced diet, avoid tobacco and receive regular dental cleanings as recommended by your dentist.

Don’t hesitate again!Protecting your teeth by yourself seriously.And now you need to realized the importance of cleaning.Protect your teeth from you and me.